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Cambridge Reports

In 2013 Dover District Council funded Tourism South East to carry out the Cambridge Model Report. The report gives the economic impact of tourism to and relates to the estimated value and volume of tourism to the area. Below are the key headline figures for Dover in 2013.

  • 385,000 staying trips
  • 1,345,000 staying visitor nights
  • £79,775,000 spent by staying visitors on their trip
  • 3,650,000 tourism day trips
  • £111,410,000 spent by tourism day visitors on their trip
  • In total £191,185,000 was spent by all visitors on their trip
  • In addition, expenditure by friends and relatives on visitors, and visitors spend on second homes (i.e. maintenance) generates a further £12,657,000.
  • With the addition of other expenditure tourism activity generated £203,842,000 expenditure.
  • Of this expenditure, £194,130,000 translates into direct income for local business; and a further £54,184,000 of income is generated through indirect and induced effects (a total of £248,314,000 business turnover.)
  • This income supported 3,705 FTE jobs and 5,140 Actual jobs


Tourism Barometers

With effect from 2009, a new method of collecting occupancy data was introduced. RIBOS (ReZolve Internet Based Occupancy Software) is a national website offering an online platform for administering UK accommodation occupancy. The occupancy survey provides businesses with key information and comparisons with other establishments and allows you to target marketing, benchmark performance and flag up potential strengths and weaknesses.

The information supplied online feeds directly to Visit Kent and then extracted by Tourism South East. All individual business data is confidential and not disclosed. Information on the occupancy surveys can be found on the Visit Kent Business Barometers.

Visit Kent Business Barometers





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