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White Cliffs Country Tourism Alliance

The White Cliffs Country Tourism Alliance (WCCTA) was created as an independent trade organisation in response to local authority policy for tourism in the Dover, Deal and Sandwich area.

WCCTA’s aim with the support of official bodies and member organisations is to encourage the development of local tourism.

As well as providing a powerful united voice on tourism, WCCTA members benefit from access to each other. Networking between tourism professionals within WCCTA has given rise to many successful joint initiatives.

WCCTA has funded projects including during 2007/2008 the production of a video showing inspirational and moving footage of the district. Other promotions that WCCTA have held are:

  • 1999 UK Travel Writers
  • 2000 Belgian/Dutch Media Visits
  • 2001-2007 UK Promotions
  • Attendance at Anchors at Ostende exhibition
  • Contribution towards the White Cliffs Greeter programme
  • Providing funding for a welcome service in Dover Market Square on Cruise visit days

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Membership applications from local companies, organisations and individuals connected with tourism are welcome and forms can be downloaded or obtained via e-mail:


Telephone: 01304 201066


Telephone: 01304 201066    email: