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Nautical Inspiration

Dover, Deal and Sandwich have all had long associations with the sea. Both Deal and Sandwich were major ports at one point - Sandwich between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries and Deal being the third busiest port in England in the nineteenth century.

 Deal Maritime and Local History Museum

deal-maritime-museumDuration 1 hour

The museum has a number of original exhibits relating to Deal's maritime history. The collection includes figureheads and the wheel of the ‘SS Biarritz’, the first cross channel ferry fitted with geared turbines.


 Timeball Tower Museum

Timeball-towerDuration 1 hour

The Admiralty used the tower during the Napoleonic Wars to send messages to Deal. From 1855 to 1927, the timeball gave accurate time to ships anchored offshore.


 Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Gallery

Duration 1.5 hoursDover-Museum

The Bronze Age Boat is the oldest known seagoing boat in the world and an exhibit of international importance. The vessel is over 3,500 years old and remarkable well preserved and was discovered in 1992 when the new Folkestone to Dover link road was under construction.


 South Foreland Lighthouse

South-Foreland-Lighthouse-1Duration 1.5 hours

A striking landmark on the White Cliffs of Dover, this historic building was the site of Faraday’s work in pioneering the use of electricity in lighthouses and was the first to display an electrically powered signal. Marconi also used the lighthouse for his successful wireless experiments in 1898.



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