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Exhibition: Winter Group Show at Linden Hall Studio

Sunday 3rd December 2017 - Sunday 28th January 2018
Linden Hall Studio 
32 St George’s Road 
CT14 6BA 
Tel: 01304 360 411

Exhibition at Linden Hall Studio, Deal from Sunday 3 December 2017 to Sunday 28 January 2018

Winter Group Show 2017/2018

Joe Allen  -  Miranda Argyle  -  Helen Banzhaf  -  Dominic Beattie - Michael Blake  -  Willard Boepple  -  Day Bowman  -  Roger Brockbank

John Butterworth  -  Susan Carlyle  -  Harold Chapman  -  Peter Clossick - Daisy Cook -  Jeanette Cook  -  Eileen Cooper RA  -  John Copnall

John Corley  -  Tim Cousins  -  Patrick Crouch  -  Lizzie deBechi - John Dobbs  -  Germaine Dolan  -  Nick Eldridge  -  David Evison 

Kyle Gallup  -  Katherine Gili  -  Carol Goodchild  -  Daniel Goodwin - Terry Greene  -  Marilyn Hallam - Julia Hamilton  -  Dominic Harper

David Hayward  -  Christine Henn  -  Clyde Hopkins  -  John Horne - John Hoyland RA  -  Tess Jaray RA  -  Peter Layton  -  Stephen Lewis

Jeff Lowe  -  Ella Lucas  -  John McLean  -  Jim Moir  -  Javier Molina - Mali Morris RA  -  Tony Nandi  -  Arthur Neal -  Humphrey Ocean RA  

Vicki Olverson - Robert Persey - William Plumptre - Barbara Rae CBE RA - Dodie Sorrell  -  Martin Spanyol  -  Ella Thomas  -  Steve Thomas

Paul Tonkin  -  Sheila Vollmer  -  Sarah Warley-Cummings - David Webb  -  Robert Welch  -  Gerry Whybrow -  Lenny Whybrow  

Charles Williams -  Caroline Yates


At Linden Hall Studio, the Winter Group Show is a highlight of their exhibition programme. It is a panorama of works by a variety of contemporary artists across a range of media and styles – culminating in a wonderful collection that the gallery team are proud to exhibit. 

The aim for this show is to curate an exhibition which is a celebration of work across a wide spectrum, featuring established and emerging artists, a range of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and mixed media creating a window into a wide area of contemporary art. 

Not only is this an important show for the gallery in terms of scale, quality and dynamism, it also marks the end of another year for the gallery.  This gives them a chance to pause and reflect on the highlights and achievements at the completion of their third annual exhibition programme. The gallery hope to continue to expand and grow, ensuring that they are able to deliver exhibitions of the highest standard and a stimulating visual experience for their visitors. 

Linden Hall Studio - Winter Group Show Exhibition

Gallery open:

Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 11am - 2pm

Free Entry 




Telephone: 01304 201066


Telephone: 01304 201066    email: