White Cliffs of Dover

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Dover Visitor Information Centre

Dover Museum
Market Square, Dover CT16 1PH
Tel: 01304 201066
Email: tic@doveruk.com

Other Information Centres in White Cliffs Country


Town Hall
High Street, Deal CT14 6TR
Tel: 01304 369576
Email: info@deal.gov.uk

Sandwich (Seasonal)

Guildhall, Sandwich CT13 9AH
Tel: 01304 613565
Email: tourism@sandwichtowncouncil.gov.uk

Tourism team 

Debbie Dainton, Tel: 01304 201066, email: debbiedainton@dover.gov.uk
Sandra Killick, Tel: 01304 872061, email: sandrakillick@dover.gov.uk
Dawn Bogue, Tel: 01304 216889, email: dawnbogue@dover.gov.uk

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