Sandwich in Bloom

Sandwich in Bloom is in its second year, having got off to a flying start in 2018.

This horticultural escapade has one overall aim: to splash the town with living colour.

And not just in summer. The vivid trailing blooms and hanging baskets of the warmer months are complimented by evergreens and winter flowering displays to give year-round interest.

Sandwich in Bloom 2019 The Quay & The Bell Hotel

Sandwich in Bloom is a community project with several strands:

  • Blooming up public spaces. Generous donors have enabled significant investment at the Guildhall and Quay, two of the town’s most visited focal points. They have become floral showpieces.
  • Revitalisation of faded beauty spots such as St Peter’s churchyard and Milk Alley. A dedicated and imaginative gang of volunteer gardeners are transforming these two peaceful havens.
  • Collaboration. Hundreds of residents and business owners adorn their own properties with colourful baskets and troughs. What better way to bring Sandwich’s historic streets to life?
  • Biodiversity. Bird and bat boxes, plus a bug hotel, have been installed in two churchyards. Wild flowers are being sown and nature corners set aside. Many plants have been chosen with insect friendliness in mind.

All of this goes to enhance Sandwich’s existing attractions, giving yet another reason to visit this jewel of a medieval town.

Many thanks to the Sandwich in Bloom Team for providing the beautiful images.