White Cliffs of Dover

White Cliffs Greeters

GreetersWhite Cliffs Greeters are a group of local people from Dover, Deal and Sandwich who are friendly and enthusiastic about the area they live in.

Inspired by the Big Apple Greeters of New York who formed in 1992, White Cliffs Greeters have been set up to advise visitors how to make the most of their time and enrich their visit to White Cliffs Country.

White Cliffs Greeters provide a free public service which is available when requests are made a week in advance.

White Cliffs Greeters can:

  • Provide a two to four hour visit to your chosen area for up to six people.
  • Make you aware of interesting facts and show you sites you may not have found on your own.
  • Explain public transport.
  • Meet you regardless of the weather.
  • Enlighten you about White Cliffs Country's rich historical and cultural heritage.

More information about White Cliffs Greeters:

  • White Cliffs Greeters are volunteer 'friends' and not professional tour guides.
  • Greeters don't offer tours and there are no set itineraries.
  • One Greeter visit per stay.
  • Requests at least one week before your visit.
  • No more than six people.
  • All Greets are made on public transport.
  • Arrangements can be made for visitors with disabilities.

Further information and how to book