Bronze Age Boat

Dover Museum

Dover MuseumDover Museum, the district's largest and most varied museum, has a range of fascinating objects, models and original pictures showing the history and archaeology of Dover.

Visit the award-winning Bronze Age Boat Gallery with interactive exhibits, computers and microscopes. The Dover Bronze Age Boat, the world's oldest-known seagoing boat, is an internationally important archaeological discovery. After seven years of research and conservation, the Dover Boat has returned to Dover and is on display to the public at Dover Museum.

There are regular family days and events at Dover Museum. 

Dover Museum Shop is also open to non-museum visitors - although we hope you'll be tempted to stay a little longer!

The shop holds a variety of items reflecting its collections, local information and history. Peruse the selection of gifts from pocket money toys to hand-crafted items; from souvenir mugs, t shirts and Dover lapel badges to items of jewellery and glass objects.

Discover the range of books, both for adults and children, giving amazing insight into our rich history, archaeological excavations and local studies.

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