Take a RIB ride around our coastal waters (©Dover Sea Safari)

Adventures On Water in White Cliffs Country

Charter a fishing vessel from Dover Marina (© DDC)

Adventures On Water in White Cliffs Country

Enjoy a windsurfing adventure in White Cliffs Country (© Dover Sea Sports Centre)

Adventures On Water in White Cliffs Country

Try sea fishing in our coastal waters (© Coker Sea Fishing)

Adventures On Water in White Cliffs Country

Have fun on - and in - our coastal waters!

You wouldn’t want to visit White Cliffs Country and not get your feet wet! The waters of the Dover coastline and Deal shores offer amazing opportunities from peaceful paddling and rock-pooling, fishing and cruises to see the wildlife; to high-adrenalin action watersports, swimming and speedboat rides that offer an alternative way to take in the beauty of the world-famous White Cliffs of Dover.

An exhilarating ride around the coastline in a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) from Dover Sea Safari will get your heart racing and open your eyes to the excitement you can enjoy in the waters of White Cliffs Country. If watersports float your boat, check out Dover Sea Sports Centre for windsurfing, paddle-boarding and more – there’s a range of activities and courses for you to explore.

If you’d rather slow the pace and enjoy the waters more peacefully, take a riverboat cruise up to the coastline from Captain Colin's River Bus tours and enjoy your own personal wildlife encounter, watching our colony of seals at home in their natural environment. Or visit the birthplace of the Roman Empire in Britain by boat, at Richborough near Sandwich. Indulge yourself with a spot of sea fishing – you can charter a vessel from Dover Marina or cast off from Deal Pier.

Of course if you’re really up for a challenge, you might think about following in the footsteps of Capt Matthew Webb and Gertrude Ederle… but we wouldn’t recommend attempting a cross-channel swim without some serious preparation, and you’d need to contact the relevant organisations. Did you know more people have climbed Mount Everest than have successfully swum across the English Channel? One for the bucket-list, perhaps?!

Whilst your adventuring you’ll work up an appetite, no doubt – so make sure you treat yourself with a meal from one of our fantastic eateries. And as fresh sea air is well known for helping you sleep, you can rest assured of a sound night in one of our many hotels, guest-houses or self-catering cottages – there’s a wide range of accommodation options to choose from.

Unleash your inner coastal adventurer as you discover the wonderful waters – and more – of White Cliffs Country.