New Health and Wellbeing Retreats Available in White Cliffs Country

A new White Cliffs Country health and wellbeing experience has launched at the White Cliffs Hotel and Retreat, at St Margaret’s at Cliffe near the White Cliffs of Dover.


Blowing stress out to sea (©Primal Roots)

Teaming up with social enterprise trailblazers Primal Roots, the hotel near Dover now offers guests the opportunity to “Live on The Edge” through their unique wellbeing retreats. Primal Roots uses outdoor fitness to empower participants on their retreats with a sense of joy and wonder at the force of nature. Suited to friends and couples as much as they are to teams and companies, the retreats are rooted in physical, mental and nutritional balance - but most of all, adventure!

“At a time when the general public and businesses are making both physical and mental well-being a priority, we have implemented a plan to deliver retreats in Kent's Great Outdoors”, says Gavin Oakley, from the White Cliffs Hotel and Retreat. “We've had to adapt and pivot our business to ensure we can survive and thrive. This is a collaborative enterprise.”

The retreats are open to those aged 16 and older, of mixed fitness levels, from complete beginner to athlete. Gavin says that the countryside near the White Cliffs of Dover is ideal for outdoor fitness of this type.

“The area is criss-crossed with trails and tracks, green lanes and clifftop paths. There are hill climbs, coast paths and beaches; perfect terrain for this type of experience.”

Working with people in recovery from addiction and homelessness, Primal Roots at The White Cliffs aims for guests to leave with a positive outlook on the future of community and a feeling of pride at having played their part - perhaps, even the vision to start something new where they live.

Carl Adams, co-founder of Primal Roots (CIC), says, “We welcome all who want to push themselves to be the best they can be. Not only do our retreats provide the benefit of improved health and wellbeing, they also serve to boost our collective sense of community because part of the experience is led by people who’ve turned their lives around through outdoor fitness. Now they’re leaders in their own right - absolutely set on inspiring as many people as they can. There’s no way you can leave here without inspiration.”

Guests who have already experienced Primal Roots’ retreats have left positive feedback, including Jessica Brogan, a busy working mother and Company Director living near Ashford, Kent.

“I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive about going on a ‘running retreat’ in the middle of October, with the threat of a sea swim thrown into the mix, but I needn’t have worried! Gavin kicked things off with a blustery and exhilarating dusk run to the light house and looped us back along the cliff path for a magnificent sunset and the excitement of some secret tunnels. On our return we were given time to soak in a hot bath before sitting down to a delicious and very jovial dinner, and finally heading off to our comfortable beds.


Rooted in adventure: co-founder of Primal Roots, Carl Adams (©Primal Roots)

“Saturday morning kicked off with a short jog to St Margaret’s Bay and a refreshing dip in the sea (for some of us - or a rare lie in for others), followed by a lazy and excellent breakfast. Then we headed out on the trails again for a gentle run down to Deal. The views were spectacular, the wildlife varied and a joy to see and whole experience was thoroughly uplifting. It felt like my usual stress levels were being rebalanced with any unnecessary mental load being literally blown out to sea. I would thoroughly recommend Primal Retreats at The White Cliffs, rest assured that Gavin is an excellent host and guide and he knows the best places for coffee and cake too!”

Primal Roots at the White Cliffs has recently launched Day Retreats, which are available under COVID-19 restrictions, including Tier 3, from £50 per person. These do not include overnight accommodation and will be carried out adhering to government COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor sport.

Overnight retreats (to resume when COVID-19 guidelines allow) include accommodation in twin, double, or single rooms, healthy breakfast and evening meals and sessions led by Primal Roots instructors, from £99 per person. Sample itineraries are available to view here.

The White Cliffs Hotel & Retreat (©Primal Roots)

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