The White Cliffs Country Calendar

Do you love a good creative project to get stuck into? Have you been browsing through your photos from a visit to White Cliffs Country? Perhaps you were snapping away on a recent trip - or maybe you live here and you enjoy getting creative with your camera? 

Dover Sea Sports Sailing Course (©DDC)

Get creative with the White Cliffs Country Photographic Calendar 2022!

We need lots of lovely photographs for a new White Cliffs Country Calendar of wall art for 2022 and we’re inviting you to send us your images for potential inclusion in the calendar.

We’d like the images we use to focus on the beauty of nature within White Cliffs Country; the diversity of the landscapes of White Cliffs Country’s character towns and rural parishes and the legacy of White Cliffs Country’s historical buildings, traditional culture and heritage. 

The idea behind the calendar is to celebrate White Cliffs Country as a first-class destination in which to live and to visit – and to capture its playful and purposeful spirit.

There is no need for the images to have been photographed in the past twelve months; however, any images submitted must have been photographed in White Cliffs Country (Dover District) and they must be submitted by whomsoever owns the images.

National Youth Jazz Orchestra at Deal Music and Arts Festival (©Deal Music and Arts)

All entries must be from individuals aged 18 or above. Proceeds from the calendar sales will support tourism in White Cliffs Country to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Seal-spotting on a river bus tour through Sandwich (©DDC)

We’ve broken down the themes for the calendar images into twelve separate categories, which we will reveal periodically throughout this year - via the White Cliffs Country social media channels (follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and here, on the White Cliffs Country website.

Your current theme is “Quirky Buildings”. We look forward to your images!

For full details and to submit your photo entries, please complete our online form.

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