Deal Castle enjoys a stunning coastal location on Deal seafront (image: ©English Heritage, Deal Castle)

Castles and Forts of White Cliffs Country

Re-enactment of a Napoleonic battle at Western Heights, home to Drop Redoubt and the Grand Shaft (image: ©DDC)

Castles and Forts of White Cliffs Country

Dover Castle stands proudly protective of the White Cliffs of Dover (image: ©English Heritage)

Castles and Forts of White Cliffs Country

The kitchen garden at Walmer Castle and Gardens (©English Heritage)

Castles and Forts of White Cliffs Country

Discover the historical treasures of our fortresses and fortifications

There’s something truly magical about visiting ancient English castles and even more so when they’re castles in a beautiful location by the sea. White Cliffs Country in Kent has no fewer than three coastal castles, and as many forts, chronicling thousands of years of accumulated history and fascinating stories throughout time. Let your imagination run wild as you step into the past, exploring the history and heritage of these incredible – and formidable - fortresses and fortifications, and following in the footsteps of the monarchs and military leaders who ruled them.

You can’t miss Dover Castle – a world-famous citadel on the cliffs, featured in Shakespeare’s literary works and well-known as Winston Churchill’s base for operations during World War Two. Visit Deal Castle – commissioned by Henry VIII in the 16th Century as part of his chain of coastal defences along the south coast. And make a point to include beautiful Walmer Castle and Gardens – once a Tudor artillery fortress which then became a stately home for the Lords Warden of the Cinque Ports, and which features the Queen Mother's Garden.

Learn about the significance of Richborough Roman Fort and how the site of this ancient stronghold marks the beginning – and almost the end – of Roman rule in Britain. Find out what protective purpose Fort Burgoyne was built for and what part Drop Redoubt played during the Napoleonic Wars.

Whether you’re looking for a fantastic family adventure that everyone will enjoy, or you’re a history lover who’s had White Cliffs Country on your wishlist for a while, make sure 2021 is the year you discover the captivating castles and forts of this unique destination – and don’t forget to share your stories!

With so much exploring to do, you’ll need plenty of sustenance and somewhere comfortable to rest your head. You’ll find it all in White Cliffs Country - with fantastic places to eat and drink and a fabulous range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets, ensuring your staycation here is sorted.

Make a magical journey into the past and discover the exciting historical treasures of White Cliffs Country.