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Shout about yourself

Your website

Making sure that your website is user friendly will improve your chances of taking bookings and reaching a wider audience. Make it easy to find for those looking for information on where to stay and what to do when visiting White Cliffs Country.

  • Think about the audience that might be visiting your site and make sure it will answer any questions they might have. Be clear about the services you offer.
  • Provide a hyperlink from your website to the White Cliffs Country website.
  • If you are having themed packages or events throughout the year, make sure these are listed on your site – as well as within the ‘What’s On’ pages of the White Cliffs Country website.
  • Promote your locality and what makes your location special; local information you might want to share may include; special ‘call to action’ annual visitor events that are going on in your town or your proximity to various key attractions and experiences.
  • On top of this, there is likely to be an increase in traffic to your website once lockdown is over, so you might want to think about having a multi-lingual site. Google Translate have a simple, free plugin that you can install on your website that will make your site available in lots of different languages.

Your social media

Establish a manageable social media presence and use that social media to highlight all that your business is doing – look out for and connect to relevant social trends.

  • You might want to share some images that you have taken of the surrounding area - pictures are always popular with consumers on Facebook and Instagram in particular, photos really stand out in a user’s timeline.
  • Create content that is varied and interesting, not just a stream of sales messages.
  • Work together with other local businesses, to spread the word online about what is going on that will be of interest to potential visitors.

Examples of local information you might want to share:

  • Special events that are going on in your town and locality
  • Themed menus from local restaurants
  • The nearest attractions and experiences to your property

If you show through your social media that the location of your business is a real hive of activity, then you will attract more people to your business.

Accounts to follow:

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