White Cliffs of Dover

Tourism & Visitor Economy Strategy

White Cliffs Country is a unique destination where coast meets countryside, ancient meets modern, relaxation meets adventure, and England meets Europe.. 

Destination White Cliffs Country – A Growth Strategy for Tourism and the Visitor Economy 2020 to 2030’ is a framework for the development of tourism in White Cliffs Country over the next ten years. It is fully aligned to the objectives of Dover District Council’s Corporate Plan, and the Local Plan, and reflects the priorities and aims of the Government’s Industrial Strategy and the Tourism Sector Deal

The strategy sets out an ambitious, yet realistic, challenge for the tourism sector to achieve stronger economic and employment growth.

We want to:

  • Encourage investment in the tourism industry
  • Attract new providers and increase the number of visitors coming to the district
  • Encourage visitors to stay longer and to spend more when they are here
  • Encourage residents and visitors to help us spread the word about the fantastic visitor opportunities in the district.


Ideas - to build an innovative economy - with tourism, the visitor economy and sustainability at its heart.

People - to generate good jobs and greater earning power for people living in the district - with tourism, hospitality and service at its heart.

Place - to develop prosperous communities throughout the district - with sustainability, place making and the visitor economy at its heart.

Business environment - to be ‘open for business’ and the best place to start and grow a business – with visitors, accessibility and sustainability at its heart.

Infrastructure - to see an upgrade in infrastructure - with visitors, accessibility and sustainability at its heart.