Thank you for your interest in White Cliffs Country’s 2022 Photographic Calendar!

We’d love to receive your photographic image(s) of White Cliffs Country for potential inclusion in our calendar of wall art for 2022. Please read the information below and submit your photo entry using the form at the bottom of the page.

The White Cliffs Country Calendar – why?

We want to celebrate White Cliffs Country as a first-class destination in which to live and, when circumstances allow, to visit. Perhaps you live in White Cliffs Country, or you’re a regular visitor here? Maybe you visited once and have been longing to come back! We want to capture the unique beauty of White Cliffs Country in photographic art and showcase what a visually stimulating and diverse destination it is. We’re proud of White Cliffs Country and we want people to know it! Proceeds from the calendar sales will support tourism in White Cliffs Country to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

What kind of photos?

We’re inviting photographic images that promote White Cliffs Country as a wonderful place in which to be – whether you live here all the time, or whether you visited from afar and have special holiday memories. That’s why we haven’t placed a date restriction on when your photographs were taken.

We’d love to see images that capture a great mood – peaceful/calm/tranquil/romantic/energetic/excited/adventurous/curious. Think: poster pics, photography that you’d love to have on your wall - and be as creative as you like. Feel free to snap something unusual and surprise us with your subject matter. Let your imagination run wild!

To help guide you, we’ve broken the image request down into twelve categories. The theme for the current category for which we’d like to receive photos is: Walking and Cycling.

Please note: The photographs you submit should be in landscape format (as this will work best with the calendar’s design layout). They should be at least 1800px wide and at least 1MB in size. Images must not include any text, logos or people whose personal identity could be recognised.

When do you need them?

We’re inviting submissions for photographs throughout 2020. For the current category theme of Walking and Cycling, aim to submit your photographs by Monday 28th June.

Photo Submission

Please read the form below carefully, including the permission requests. Have fun and we look forward to seeing your photos!

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  • Additional information:
  • Please upload 1-3 landscape images for your listing. Images need to be at least 1800px wide and at least 1MB in size. Images must not have any text or logos on them. Thumbnail images will be cropped to a square. By submitting images you give us permission to use the images on the White Cliffs Country website (www.whitecliffscountry.org.uk), social media and shared with the partners, the press and media for promotional purposes.
  • I hereby grant full permission to Dover District Council to use and reproduce photographs I have taken on my personal device and submitted in this form in publications, news releases, online (including social media platforms), and in other communications or transmissions related to the production of a photographic calendar entitled “White Cliffs Country 2022 Calendar”. You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing vic@dover.gov.uk. For further information about your privacy and rights please view our Tourism and Corporate privacy notice at www.dover.gov.uk/privacy
  • White Cliffs Country is the tourism and marketing arm of Dover District Council and we regularly work with other organisations, journalists and members of the media to provide information on PR and marketing opportunities to promote the district to a wide audience. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure accuracy, however we cannot accept liability of any kind arising from the user or publication of the information, either by themselves or third parties.
  • Dover District Council is a data controller under GDPR. We process your personal data securely and confidentially in compliance with data protection legislation. We are relying on your consent for White Cliffs Country (an arm of Dover District Council) to process your personal data for the purpose of producing the “White Cliffs Country 2022 Calendar”. You can withdraw you consent at any time by emailing vic@dover.gov.uk. For further information about your privacy and rights please view our Tourism and Corporate privacy notice at www.dover.gov.uk/privacy.