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Sustainable tourism in White Cliffs Country

Low-season travel in White Cliffs Country is a wonderful experience (©National Trust)

Sustainable tourism in White Cliffs Country

White Cliffs Country is around an hour from London via public transport (©Southeastern)

Sustainable tourism in White Cliffs Country

Going Green: Make responsible choices for sustainable tourism in White Cliffs Country

We all need to play our part to look after our planet and when it comes to holidaying, going green shouldn’t be a lifestyle choice - it’s part and parcel of responsible tourism and a respectful travel experience. In White Cliffs Country, Kent you can not only enjoy an amazing UK staycation as you “escape the everyday” to coast and countryside, you can also feel reassured through making choices to support sustainable tourism that you’re helping to make the joy of visiting this unique destination a viable and exciting option for generations to come.

Here’s how White Cliffs Country is embracing eco-friendly tourism and giving you the opportunity to go green for your next staycation:

Transport Links

White Cliffs Country is well-connected and has good public transport links - the destination is around one hour from London on the train. It has many interesting and varied walking and cycling routes, through beautiful countryside, along striking coastline and weaving in and out of our character towns of Deal, Dover and Sandwich. In early 2021, 49 electric vehicle charging points were approved at 18 locations across White Cliffs Country, both in public car parks and on-street. Here you can reduce your impact on the environment, with alternative methods of getting around a wonderful place where ancient meets modern and relaxation meets adventure.

Camping and Glamping

Sleeping under canvas with LED torches – it’s fun and exciting, quaint and nostalgic - but camping and glamping also use less energy than traditional accommodation and therefore place less demand on the earth’s natural resources. We have fantastic camping and glamping providers in White Cliffs Country and the list is continuing to grow - what’s more, we have one of the warmest and driest climates in the UK – making this a great accommodation option for your staycation.

Low season travel opportunities

Fewer crowds means fewer cars, which means less pollution; fewer people means less waste to be disposed of, with less chance of it ending up where it shouldn’t. Visit White Cliffs Country in low season for a wonderful and peaceful experience – it’s a great place to come in winter, with the calm stillness of the countryside and the wild natural beauty of the coastline. Enjoy bracing walks on cool crisp mornings, breathe fresh air and feel rejuvenated as you awaken your soul and senses.

Stay longer in one place, don't just daytrip

Reducing the number of daytrips to and from a place of origin to a tourism destination will naturally reduce emissions and the negative impact on air quality produced by frequent travelling in vehicles. There’s no need to daytrip to and from White Cliffs Country - you could easily fill a week here, with incredible experiences and unique opportunities that the whole family will love. A wide-ranging choice of quality places to stay means you can enjoy several days or more without making constant long-distance journeys.

Locally produced food and drink

Kent is known as “the Garden of England” for a reason, being a bountiful producer of fresh fruit and vegetables, and we have our fair share of local organic produce in White Cliffs Country. In many of our shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs you can enjoy food and drink that has been produced in White Cliffs Country, meaning you can feel confident that what you consume has travelled minimal distance to get to your plate.

Visit White Cliffs Country and trust that you’ve chosen a forward-thinking holiday destination that’s on trend for responsible tourism and sustainable travel for years to come.