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Bright Skies Online Freedom In Movement Classes

Bright Skies classes invite you to inquire, learn and explore your body and what it means to find the ‘freedom in motion’ that makes you feel good.

Perhaps you want to improve your strength, mobility, balance or coordination? Maybe you feel stressed, tense or tight? Or do you just want find an activity that makes you feel good? Bright Skies classes make it easy for individuals to enjoy moving freely whilst achieving their goals, providing sessions that are person-centred and fun.

Working with the breath, movement, and relaxation practices, we gently guide the body and mind in to releasing tension in an inclusive and welcoming class environment.

These classes will leave you feeling relaxed, released, energized and centred.

Classes are currently taking place online (via Zoom) due to Covid-19. All students need to complete a pre-exercise readiness questionnaire (PARQ) before participating. Please contact Bright Skies to inquire about classes and receive the PARQ.

See the benefits of attending a class and what others say about the classes here: https://www.yourbrightskies.co.uk/about/

See student testimonial videos here: https://www.yourbrightskies.co.uk/videos/

Move Freely Class Info: https://www.yourbrightskies.co.uk/move-freely-classes/

Classes take place on Wednesdays from 09:30 – 10:30.

Yoga Classes: https://www.yourbrightskies.co.uk/yoga/

Classes range from Gentle and Beginners to Dynamic and Flow to Music classes and take place throughout the week and weekend.

Students are welcome to contact Bright Skies via email: hello@yourbrightskies.co.uk



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Bright Skies Online Freedom In Movement Classes

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