Monks Wall Nature Reserve

Monks' Wall Nature Reserve is a 5-minute walk across the bridge from the quay in Sandwich and is ideal for seeing wild duck and other wildlife in a wetland habitat. This reserve recreates, from arable fields, traditional wet grazing meadows once common to the flood plain of the River Stour. The habitat attracts large numbers of wintering wildfowl and waders from the arctic that find sanctuary in the reserve, while breeding waterfowl and other wetland species occur in the summer.

Sandwich Town Council was leased the land by Pfizer Ltd in 1995 as a nature reserve under a management agreement also involving Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Trust.

The entrance to the reserve is off the Monks Way, near the junction with the A256. School groups are welcome and some already have on-going ecology projects on the reserve.


Monks' Wall Nature Reserve Sandwich Kent CT13 9AH





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What you need to know

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