The Wrecks of The Great Storm of 1703 at the Astor

The Maritime Archaeology of the ‘Great Ship Swallower’

It’s an exciting time for archaeological research on the Goodwin Sands. Historic England has recently funded geophysical survey and diver investigation on the wrecks of the Northumberland and Restoration, lost during the Great Storm of 1703, which are rapidly emerging out of the sand waves. Meanwhile fascinating new discoveries are being made during the analysis and conservation of artefacts recovered from the Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship Rooswijk, lost in 1740. Newly discovered sites are being assessed for protection, and public access is being enhanced through new technology and virtual dive trails. The talk will provide an update on the cutting-edge research taking place in this dynamic and ever changing environment.

Hefin Meara is a maritime archaeologist at Historic England, with responsibility for marine designation casework and the management of Protected Wrecks.

Riddle in the Sands

The four ships wrecked in that storm were the Stirling Castle, Restoration, Northumberland, and the Mary. Only two have been positively identified, the Stirling Castle and Northumberland, while another has been tentatively identified as that of the Mary. So where is the fourth, possibly the Restoration?

Doug McElvogue outlines the history of the sinkings and using eyewitness accounts and the latest in reconstruction work will suggest where the fourth wreck may lie.

Monday 4th July  Doors 2.30pm & Show Starts 3.00pm.

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