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The Cambridge Economic Impact Model

The Cambridge Economic Impact Model is an industry respected tool for measuring the economic impact of tourism in Dover District. Knowing the volume and value of tourism is an essential part of developing policies for managing tourism.

In 2021, Destination Research, commissioned by Dover District Council via Visit Kent, carried out the Cambridge Model Reports. These reports give the economic impact of tourism to and within Dover District and relate to the estimated value and volume of tourism to the area during a single year.

The most recent release of the industry-respected Economic Impact of Tourism for 2021, shows the value of economy in the Dover district increasing to £201 million, a 79% increase from 2020. While the tourism and hospitality picture remained challenging throughout the region in 2021, the findings showed that Dover district’s visitor economy performed above the national average across several areas.

When looking specifically at trip purpose, the proportion of those travelling to visit friends and relatives overnight in Dover, Deal and Sandwich during 2021 accounted for 33% of overnight trips. This demonstrates the incredible influence that ongoing support from the district’s residents – who acted as ambassadors for their region, welcoming friends and family to experience it first-hand – had on local businesses during a hugely difficult year.

Economic Impact of Tourism - year on year comparison 

Day Trips 2019 2020 2021 Annual Variation
Day Trips Volume 4,265,000 2,383,000 3,737,000 +56.8%
Day Trips Value £141,089,000 £53,559,000 £99,575,000 +85.9%
Overnight Trips        
Number of Trips 424,000 189,000 280,100 +48.2%
Number of Nights 1,393,000 559,000 880,000 +57.4%
Trip Value £86,702,000 £32,849,000 £54,898,000 +67.1%
Total Value £302,490,000 £112,176,000 £201,301,000 +79.4%
Actual Jobs 6,071 3,419 4,522 +32.2%


The next report (covering 2023) is expected towards the end of 2024.

Dover, Deal and Sandwich Visitor Survey

Dover District Council commissioned Visit Kent and Destination Research to undertake a visitor survey in Dover, Deal and Sandwich throughout the summer of 2023. Download a copy of the reports to see the key findings: 

Visit Britain

You'll find a wealth of research and insights on the Visit Britain website, including the latest consumer and industry data and insights on domestic and inbound tourism in the UK, Britain and England.

Their website is also a fantastic resource for all forms of business support via the England Business Advice Hub which provides essential information, advice and resources for tourism businesses in England – plus useful contacts, training and guidance on your legal obligations.

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