Fort Burgoyne

Fort Burgoyne is an Attraction. Area Dover


Fort Burgoyne Road
CT15 5FN

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Nestled beside Dover Castle and the White Cliffs of Dover, and overlooking Britain's busiest ferry port, Fort Burgoyne is a unique piece of Dover’s history waiting to be discovered.

Dating back to the 1860s, the Fort was built to protect Dover Castle and with its historical importance, imposing facade and abundant space, it is an amazing opportunity waiting to be unlocked.

Construction began in 1861 and the fort was finally completed in 1868. Its original name was Castle Hill Fort but was changed to Fort Burgoyne in honour of General Sir John Burgoyne. It is a polygonal fort with a surrounding ditch, flanked by three demi-caponiers and a double caponier to the north.

Two detached wing batteries to the east and west of the main fort were also constructed in spurs off the main ditch. The main fort comprised a large parade ground, to the north of which was a long row of casemates, which provided the barrack accommodation for soldiers and officers.

Fort Burgoyne’s West Wing Battery is now open for visitors to explore, with more of the site accessible on special event and open days, including the annual World War II Weekend.