Year of the Coast

The Year of the Coast 2023 celebrates the best of England’s incredible coastline and marks the creation of the 2,700-mile King Charles III England Coast Path, the longest marked walking route in Europe. Walk a beautiful stretch of the route in White Cliffs Country.

Follow the path around our iconic coastline and discover our rich heritage, fabulous culture and outstanding natural beauty.

Walking the path won't put a strain on your budget - the coast path is free to access, making it an affordable activity during short-break or longer holiday (or build your whole holiday around walking the coast path). Parts are wheelchair-accessible, particularly the paved stretches along Deal and Dover seafronts.

Find out more about the King Charles III England Coast Path here.

Find out more about England's Coast here.

England's Year of the Coast events calendar.

Blue health

As well as being a wonderful way to explore White Cliffs Country, walking the coast path by the sea brings many physical and mental health benefits.

There is a growing body of scientific research revealing just how good being by the sea can be for you. A recent European research initiative called ‘Blue Health' investigated the effect of blue spaces on health and found that interaction with blue spaces had a positive effect on mental health, particularly reducing stress and improving wellbeing. Combine this with the health benefits of regular walking, which reduces the risk of developing some chronic diseases (such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer), walking the coast path is bound to boost your health, release those feel-good hormones, give you more energy and help you sleep better.

Visit White Cliffs Country, walk the coast path and feel the benefits.

An aerial view of the white cliffs and the sea at sunrise with the tide out and rocky shore exposed. The sky is blue, pink and yellow.
Keep an eye on England's Coast website (link above) for details of all the events happening during Year of the Coast.